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Why the restaurants need web sites

Huge number of restaurant owners thinks that online version of the restaurant doesn’t need to be as great as its real, offline atmosphere and cuisine. They might be right. If guests love everything inside the restaurant they will come back no matter what ugly kind of website it has. But what if person never had been there before and hesitating about visiting it for the first time?  


50 Books for Product Designers

Tell me what do you read and I'll tell you who you are. Yes. Exactly! Do you love detective stories? Probably you family are the lonely guy and you don't have enough love in your real life.


Trends of web applications designs

Apps are software products with human interfaces. Web sites are that, too. The dream of the 90s was telling people all they need to do is buy DreamWeaver and they’ll be able to build and be the same success as Amazon. This was nonsense. And so is pretending that an app needs to have a certain technology or framework to be a success...

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