Apex Hotels

Hotel service in your phone


Do you like to use mobile phone for service ordering in a hotel? Especially, if you are in a country, where people speak different language and have different way of mentality? The majority says they’d rather go to reception and say it directly. Now imagine that your communication with staff and Front Desk is only while entering and leaving a hotel. Management of service and any other issues regarding your hotel stay through mobile phone – is the future of all the hotels.  

We’ve taken Apex Hotels from London as an example and showed how all this can work just through a mobile phone. 


Having compiled most demanded functions of hotel, we’ve formed main interrelation patterns between user and hotel through mobile application.  

What does hotel resident mostly face? Order to hotel room/accommodation, cleaning, complaints, etc.? We have gathered all these moments. Ordering food from hotel’s restaurant is the case of second importance. That’s why we have made a separate point for this called “RESTAURANT”. User also needs to know what is situated near the hotel and how he can reach needed spots. This function is exercised by the section “NEARBY”. 

Having highlighted the main functionality and compiled scenarios for usage, we’ve gone through prototypes in details, adding notification mechanism.


We have gone off of openness and brightness of Apex Hotels, having visited their APEX TEMPLE COURT, and made the application bright, making the whole content on calm white background at the same time. 

We’ve created simple and stylish design without hamburgers and hidden navigation. All major sections are located in the lower Navigation Bar. The use principle is very simple and clear without any special tutorials. We’ve placed special or promotional offers from the hotel, restaurant, gym or partners on the home page. Tapping logo we can switch between different reservations (in case, if we book a few rooms simultaneously) and read about the hotel and its suits.  


This application gives you an ability to manage your rest without being physically present at a hotel. You can order food to hotel room even while being on the way to a hotel. This is a revolution in hotel industry and we hope that in the nearest future this type of service management will be default in every hotel.

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