Quick file sharing application


iOS users will prove how difficult it is to receive and download a file from e-mail client, and send it quickly afterwards using mobile phone. Have you ever faced the task to send 15 Gb quickly and without any problems?

Our task was to design/develop a cloud for synchronization between files on computer and mobile phone. A fresh perspective on managing and sharing files was needed. We divided work into 3 parts: iOS application, along with Mac OS Desktop Application. 


1. Research
We performed an analysis of all cloud services and came to the conclusion, that all of them are similar products, which differ only in logotypes, customer service and prices. We would like to build up new user experience without reinventing the wheel. Our attention was drawn by developing trend of messengers, so we decided to build (frame/base) file sharing on this scenario. 

1. Architecture
Application architecture is built on the basis of user’s behavior. 
We spent two weeks forming ideal app architecture on the basis of users’ behavior scenarios with applications. 

3. Sketches + Wireframes
Alongside architecture, we were discussing sketches and analyzing analogues. We put all the screens based on architecture together into a general prototype for better clarity of application structure and its scenarios.

3. Design
We didn’t want to go a usual way of visualization of the messenger, that’s why we found stylistics, which would give some mood to the application. 

The main screen is your file storage. 

We minimized presence of spacers and dismissed/gave up/renounced the Navigation bar. The main navigation is hidden into two magic Action Buttons. The right one is for managing files, and the left one is for managing contacts and dialogs (file transfer). 

Users can send and receive large-huge files within a few seconds just through the messenger. 

Besides file sharing, FILESS serves also as a cloud for storage and sharing files of any size and type.

Further down the line client is going to connect bots to this file messenger and make App for MacOS.


To sum up, project with volume of 50 screens took us 2 month plus 2 more weeks for its adaptation to all IPhones’ resolution. Now we are working on design of Desktop Application for FILESS and waiting for the first release ;)

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