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Design for iOS Application


The lounge is the music which is pleasant for working, relaxing and dancing. It is the lounge that sounds during the whole day in our office, that we hear entering the restaurant.  It’s the music that the most pleasant moments of life are usually connected with.

Considering/whereas we used iOS radio application to listen to the station Lounge FM every day, we could no longer put up with its clumsiness and revamped its user experience without going into a completely new application.


1. Analysis of current application
The user survey process has started. We have formed the most unclear or inconvenient moments on the basis of answers. We have also added 2-3 our own comments concerning the visual perception of the application.

2. The Main App Navigation
User interface of the application consists of four radio stations:
- Classic Lounge
- Lounge Terrace (more rhythmical)
- Lounge Acoustic
- Lounge Chill-Out. 

We have decided not to change general navigation based on slides, in order not to make completely new application, and thus not to retrain the current users. After all, the goal is not to make a new application, but to modernize it and make it more interactive.   

3. Logo

As concerns the logotype of Lounge FM. Unfortunately, old logos format hadn’t been able to fit the interface, so the decision was made to refine it a bit when it came to the Logo. We asked our friends from Logofill to design/develop stylish minimalistic concept of logo.

4. Interface

We have reduced interface to the minimum along the analysis, in order to show the maximum of convenience and interactivity. 

- We have removed the sound quality adjustment so that quality could be adjusted automatically depending on the speed of the Internet (users considered it unnecessary and most of them didn’t even understand what it was);
- We have hidden sound level adjustment in the "snot" item at the bottom of the screen;
- The playlist can be called by tapping the name of the song or artist.
- We have added “About” page (where we have moved “Share” button too). You can go to this page by tapping the LOUNGE FM logo.
- We have decided to keep “Play” button in the center as the main stylistic element.

Each radio station has not only its colors and logo but its own style of the sound wave:

5. Interactive
The main in this interface is music. So the most important were to make this interface alive.

Internal application pages shouldn’t be of secondary importance because each page - is user, so even a simple screen with a few lines about the app, or sharing buttons should be visually pleasant, informative and as understandable as possible.


We have spent about 3 weeks in total, including all the research and discussions, on redesign of the Lounge FM application. We are looking forward to the launching of the application. 


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