Project management web-tool


It’s time and project management that is the hottest-button topic in the management of any team. Therefore, new services and applications, which should simplify our work with the management of time, projects and staff, are issued biannually. Nevertheless, all of them fix only statistics, but staff uses these services only because their bigwigs want so.

Client’s task on the first phase was to make user-friendly application, and to add gamification in the second version. 


We have compiled a few questionnaires and questioned a few categories of users for analysis of the application.



The basis of the application is project management using Gantt chart. Each application is strictly aligned with client’s requirements and in the left corner we can see not the product’s logo, but the company’s one.

The project consists of two entities: assignments and tasks. All of them are depicted on the “playing field” in the form of Gantt chart.

All statistics is gathered on the “Dashboard” page. Profile gives us ability to see success rate and fuck-up of all employees. We can see workload of each employee in order to understand which tasks to assign to particular employee.


To sum up, we would like to highlight that we’ve developed a product, which is being implemented in our team. We are currently working on gamification of the app in order to add emotions to the product. Work is in progress… 

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